Revolutionary Concept

  • LONGEVITY APARTMENTS® combine well-known advantages of mountain (high-altitude) environment and the latest technology.
  • The concept represents new approach to housing, especially sleep, and converts 'normal' bedroom (or even an entire apartment) to a modern 21st century space.
  • The basic idea is to simulate the mountain environment in your home - thanks to modern technology.
  • LONGEVITY APARTMENTS are worldwide unique solution of Hypoxie Group.

Healthy Living of a New Generation

  • Application of the principles of high-altitude simulation in housing is the latest trend.
  • Its effects positively influence people suffering with asthma, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, sleep disorders, and many others.
  • The basic principle of the effect of hypoxia on the human body is a mechanism by which the body reacts to oxygen deficiency: it creates a higher amount of mitochondria, capillaries and red blood cells, which improve in quality and therefore oxygenate heart much better.

Longevity Apartments – a Unique Opportunity for Developers

  • Application of the LONGEVITY APPARTMENTS concept in residential development projects significantly increases their value in the eyes of customers and acts as an important factor for differentiation in the market of real estate and investment opportunities.
  • With the growing consumer demand for HEALTHY LIVING the demand for hypoxic housing will grow as well.
  • Installation is not difficult and can be handled even in projects already completed. The applied technology excels in totally silent running of generators that can be located in basements or cellars of houses and remotely distribute conditioned air into other rooms (e.g. bedroom).
  • In selected room is then installed only a stylish touch screen on which users can comfortably enter all the required parameters.


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