Revolutionary Technology

  • FirePASS® is the revolutionary solution to prevent and extinguish fires
  • FirePASS® technology guarantees an unsurpassed level of FIRE PROTECTIONabsolute security for the human organism and zero damage during firefighting - no water, no foam, no chemical extinguishing agents.
  • FirePass® technology is also environmentally friendly.

FirePASS® Prevention & Firefighting

  • FirePASS® is constructed so that primarily NO FIRE COULD EVER ARISE. This is the first and major uniqueness of the system.
  • Where, due to technical or other reasons, it is not practical to use preventive FirePASS® mode, the system allows very EFFECTIVE EXTINGUISHING OF FIRES, especially in large spaces (airport and railway buildings, tunnels, sports arenas, theatres, etc.), where people may gather.

FirePASS® - Fire Prevention

  • FirePASS® is the first system in the world, which completely prevents all class A, class B and class C fires.
  • FirePASS® system generates a constant hypoxic air containing 15 to 16 per cent of oxygen.
  • In terms of human respiration, such air is comparable with air in a plane or a mountain resort - but without the discomfort caused by low pressure.


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