As the name indicates, the Altitude Program simulates the alpine environment for exercising, sleeping and recovering. With the Altitude Program technology and methodology you can turn any space into a highly effective hypoxic environment.

The program also offers a mobile solution, suitable for short-term applications (such as acclimatization before traveling to high mountains, preparation for sports performance at higher altitude, regeneration within the postoperative care, etc.).

Who specifically is the Altitude Program designed for:

  • Athletes, sports clubs, fitness and wellness clubs
  • Medical facilities
  • Persons with selected medical indications
  • Security forces
  • Research centres

The Altitude Program and sports performance

Training in the simulated higher altitude improves overall physical performance of an athlete, who resides in these conditions over a long term.

Hypoxic technology has been used routinely for years among the top athletes.

The results of swimmer Michael Phelps, basketball player LeBron James, golfer Tiger Woods and many other world stars speak for themselves.

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