Hypoxie Group specializes in the use of hypoxic technology in housing, sport, health, and fire protection. We work with the proven technology of the US company Hypoxico that we further develop in search for new and interesting applications.

The Company's Mission

  • By means of hypoxic technology we protect lives and property and help to improve health and enhance the performance of people so they lived a long, happy and successful life with a sense of security.
  • We help both, professionals and companies in various fields - particularly in construction, fire protection, health, fitness/wellness, hospitality, and security forces - in order to provide their customers with the most advanced hypoxic technology that will bring benefit to all parties involved.

The Company's Vision

  • We affect the lives of millions of people worldwide. We want to enhance and prolong human life and help reduce the incidence of the most common diseases of civilisation.
  • We want to change the fire protection industry and make the defence of people and property against fire even more effective.
  • We want to create a new standard in the field of healthy housing and fitness and wellness.
  • We want to contribute to further research on the effects and use of hypoxic air, support research teams and projects in this field and contribute to even better protection of health and lives of people.
  • We want to participate in space programs and help people to visit other planets in our solar system..

From Sport to Business

Both of us - founders and partners in Hypoxie Group – are active athletes, tennis players.

We came across the hypoxic technology as part of our general fitness training and also in solving health problems, which are unavoidable part of professional sports careers. Its effect on our performance and physical fitness was unambiguously positive.

This was only a small step towards the idea to become partners of the US Hypoxico company and start building a company that will distribute their technology. In addition to selling and renting hypoxicators, we immediately began to search for new and innovative ways of application of hypoxic technology. Thus the concept of Longevity Apartments arose that brings completely new and unique view on healthy living and its relationship with hypoxic technology. Another original project is the Altitude Program, which represents an integrated view on application of hypoxic technology in training of elite athletes and in the world of wellness, fitness and hospitality.

We believe that hypoxic technology has a lot to offer not only to athletes and firefighters, but millions of people worldwide - from increasing their physical fitness and providing support in treating and overcoming health problems to protecting their lives and property against fire.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you.

Jakub Lustyk, Jaroslav Beránek